intgHow; in what state or condition; in what manner.how; what manner; what state or conditionIf the question word is used by itself with a noun or pronoun, sāˈingge is used for asking about the state of s.t. and inumey for the means of achieving s.t. If a verb is used in the sentence either one can
be used.
Sāˈinggene kaˈam?How are you?Sāˈingge pamakayat peyitaˈan inin?How can one light this lamp?(in)umey
vTo treat in what manner, to do what.Sāˈinggene si kaˈu hangkan kew hebbaˈ?What did he do to you that you fell? (or How did he make you fall?)Sāˈinggete bangiye akahante?How shall I do it when I tell her? (or What shall I tell her?)