vsubjectN- [perform] mag- [participate]
To have or perform purification rites.purification rites (to have or perform)Subey kew magsātun, peggeˈ bakas kew mangan haram.You have to have purification rites because you ate something forbidden.Imam iyan bakas nātun.That imam has performed the purification rites.
vsubjectN-, mag-To purify from defilement (caused by eating forbidden food).purify (from defilement from forbidden food)In order to purify a person from a defilement (and to make him ritually clean again),
the imam or any person who knows the correct formula gets soil out of a hole that
is made forearm deep, mixes it with water and gives it to drink. A bath in connection
with the correct formula can accomplish the same thing.
Sātunun koˈ anakku iyan, iyuˈ bakas mangan haram.Please purify my child; he ate something defiling.Bakas iye magsātun aˈa laˈi si boheˈ.He purified people there at the river.Bakas makaˈakan halam, gey kew pinaˈasek dem langgal bang gey kew tasātun.You have eaten something forbidden, you are not allowed inside the mosque if you have
not been purified.
Manukin taˈu nātun dīne.The chicken knows how to purify itself.ayilsutsikosoˈ14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects