vsubjectN-, mag-To wear or carry s.t. over the shoulder (either straight or diagonally over the chest).wear over shoulder; carry over shoulder (as a bag)Magsableybagiye.She is carrying the bag over the shoulder.Iye dinaˈakku nabley bagkun.I told her to carry my bag over her shoulder.Sableyne olosnen.She carries her sarong over her shoulder.sugelleyboˈo
nSash (worn diagonally across the chest).sash (across chest)Sabley pangantinin seputangan.The sash of the bride is a woven square.sangban15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing

badjuˈ sabley

nA type of blouse.The cut of the blouse is entirely of straight pieces, only around the neck it is a
bit rounded. There are no seams on the shoulders. The sleeves are three quarter length
with a square fit under the arm to allow for needed width. A straight strip is added
to the front and around the neck which is folded over to form a collar. Usually there
are no buttons. It is held together with jewelry or safety pins.
Hinangku semmek inin badjuˈ sabley.I will make this cloth into a sabley blouse.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA handle of a bag (that can be worn over the shoulder).handle of bagtangkey