vsubjectmag-#-in- (recip.)objectta-To understand s.t.understand s.t.Tasabutku pinaˈinnen.I understand what he says.Magsinabutkami.We understand each other.alab(ta)hāti 2


vnabutTo be understanding or accepting (of a person).accepting of s.o.Nabutnekewhadjapeggeˈ meˈ mākanak iyan gey taˈu magsaweˈ.Just be understanding (accepting) because those children don’t know how to treat companions.Banggaˈikewnabut, na, mura kaˈam magsasaˈ.If you are not accepting, you will easily quarrel.


vmakasabutTo know how to do s.t., to know things (in general), be knowledgeable.knowledgeableGeyiyemakasabut magbella bu hadje ne.She doesn’t know how to cook and what’s more she is big already.Banggaˈi kite taˈu, tilew kite si aˈa makasabut.If we cannot do it, we ask a person who knows how to.Daˈanekew magiskul, iyuˈ du kew gey makasabut.Don’t go to school any longer; you don’t know anything (anyway).Magiskul kew duk kew makasabut.Go to school so that you will know (things).taˈu


vmagsabutTo get along well together (of people); to go together or match (of state of things).get along well; go together (of state of things); match (of things)Magsabutkamimagdembuwaˈlumaˈ.We get along well living together in the house.Magsabutneituˈ, gaˈduniyaˈboheˈgaˈduniyaˈ binoheˈan.These go together, there is no water and there is nothing to be watered.Iyuˈ kulintangan iyan gaˈi magsabut.That set of gongs does not match (in sound).Gaˈisiyemagsabutbangsiye magtagungguˈ.They don’t get along (don’t play at the same speed) when they play the gong ensemble.(mag)tewwaˈ