nThe moon on the night after new moon; crescent of the moon, the thin sickle of the
new moon.
crescent of the moon; new moon; moon (new)Ampatsahaline bulanin - ampat bahangi ne.The new moon is four times its (original) size - four days.

Ngangganap ne, nahali ne.(The moon/month) is complete, the new moon is out now.On the 30th day of the month the moon isn’t seen. It (or the month) is complete and
the moon is getting ready to come out again.
bulan15.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein
sahali bulan

nA rice cake panyām in crescent shape.half moon shaped rice cakes; rice cake, crescent shapedThe shape is achieved by placing half a coconut shell into the oil and pouring the
batter on one side around it.
Bangkew magpanyām ngahinang kew sahali bulan.When you make rice cakes make crescent shaped ones.panyām21.1Baked goods and sweetsBaked goods and sweets