ptlBe sure (to do s.t.), certainly, really.It conveys an aspect of certainty of as yet unaccomplished actions. Often it is best
not translated into English.
sure (to do s.t.); certainly (will do s.t.); reallyPaturul saˈ kaˈam sumu.Be sure to follow tomorrow.Maki saˈ kite magbissā; tiyaˈ ku dahuˈ nambahayang.We certainly will talk afterwards. I am just about to say the prayers first.Akusaˈ ngahinangne.I certainly will make it.Daˈasaˈkewtiggel.Be sure not to be long.Inesaˈ si akuhin bang eddoˈnu kēmon?What will there be for me if you take it all?Kuˈahatsaˈ kennahin.There is really little fish.dube