nA sash (a cloth worn diagonally across the chest).The material of a sarong may just be gathered any way or folded neatly from the mouth
to the lower edge into a narrow sash.
Leppiˈun olos iyan hinang sangban.Fold that sarong making it into a sash (worn across the chest).sabley15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectmag-To wear s.t. as a sash (i.e. diagonally across the chest).Sangbanunhadjaolos iyan.Just wear that sarong as a sash.23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing
vmagsangbanTo have s.t. crosswise (of pattern in fabric, sash across chest).crosswiseMeˈ Samahin magsangban duk olos.The Sama have the sarong crosswise (over the shoulder).Semmek miyaˈan magsangban-sangban bettiknen.That cloth has the pattern crosswise.


vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)To plow a second time (usually done across or diagonally).plow a second timeUbus ne sinangban tanaˈkun.My field has already been plowed a second time.Nangbannekusumu.I will plow the second time tomorrow.Magsangbanne meˈ aˈahin.The people are plowing the second time.badjaˈ8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture