nName of the second month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Safar.)The month of Sappal is generally considered to be unlucky. Weddings are not held and houses not built
during this month. But it is particularly unlucky to be born in this month. Anyone
born then is going to be eaten by the malikidjabāniya. (Some people say that it is a huge snake.) So in order to prevent this from happening,
people have to have a weighing ceremony. Besides that every year during this month
they have to have a special prayer ceremony. But everybody has to have a special ritual
bath and a communal prayer ceremony every Wednesday of this month. The last bath has
to be taken at a large body of water. These baths are said to take away any calamity.
Magpandi-pandi aˈahin bang bulan Sappal.The people have a ritual bath in the month of Sappal.Subey iye tinimbang peggeˈ bulan Sappal panganakan iyehin.He has to be weighed because his birth was in the month of Sappal.bulan1 2
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