adjEnough, sufficient.enough; sufficientSarangiyekataˈu maghinang badjuˈ.She has sufficient knowledge to make a blouse.Sarangnekinakan iyan si aˈa tellungan.This food is enough for three people.Sarang panasnen.It is warm enough (lit. its heat is enough).Sarangnekew mandi.You have bathed enough now (meaning: stop bathing).hustusangdansangkaˈteppet


adjVery.veryUsed only with nominalized adjectives.Aˈa iyan sarang kaˈekka kawulne.That person has very many demands (lit. enough of many).Niyaˈ anakne sarang kahāp dende.She has a child who is a very beautiful girl (lit. enough goodness).Sarang katala lumaˈnen.His house is very far (lit. enough distance).


v. statTo fit, be just right (in size, of clothes only).Sarangbadjuˈinin si aku.This shirt fits me (lit. is (big) enough).siguwe
vsubjectN-, mag-To try on clothes for size (to see if they fit).fit (of clothes)Magsarangbadjuˈkulaˈidembilik.I will try on a blouse there in the room.Sarangun koˈ badjuˈ inin bang sarang ke si kaˈu.Try this blouse on (to see) if it fits you.Narangkutehompaˈbugaˈniyaˈsarang.I tried on shoes but none fit.23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing