nTempter; temptation.tempter; temptationSassat are usually thought of as unseen beings that frighten or pester humans. People are
stronger than those beings because: “it is said that the trail people walk has withered
grass.” One kind of sassat are seyitan ‘demons’. They are said to try to influence people away from God. People that tempt
others are also called sassat.
Daˈakewkahagad, meˈ sassat hep iyan.Don’t believe it; those are temptations.Daˈakewluwal nuhut-nuhut meˈ aˈa maginuman iyan, meˈ sassat hep iyan.Don’t always go along with those people always drinking; those are tempters.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
vsubjectN-, mag-To tempt (to do wrong); to pester, annoy, harass.tempt to do wrong; pester; annoy; harassNassat seyitanin.The demons tempt (or pester).Sassatne saweˈne maniyaˈ hinangnen.He pesters his companion who has work to do.Nakanak iyan luwal magsassat.That child always pesters.Daˈakewnassattiyaˈku magdayiˈ-dayiˈ.Don’t harass; I am in a hurry.sasewjurikulebeˈsabut-sabutsensong14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general