nTrousers, pants.trousers; pantsAny trousers but esp. the traditional type.Bangiye si pagkawinan sawalnen sawal peyat.When she goes to a wedding her pants are woven pants.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing
vmagsawalTo wear or put on trousers.Magsawalnekew, lumengngan ne kite.Put on your pants; we will go now.

pantalun western style pants
sawalilaˈupan traditional Yakan trousers with lower legs of handwoven cloth
sawalkapun traditional Yakan trousers made entirely of black cloth
sawalluhapaˈa trousers with very wide legs
sawalpeyat traditional Yakan trousers made entirely of handwoven cloth
sawaltoklong short pants, narrow
sawaltompong short pants, wide at knees
solpan short pants