vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo catch or collect s.t. (falling down) in s.t.catch (s.t. falling) in s.t.Sawutanun seggitnu iyan, daˈa lakasanun gaˈ biddaˈ.Collect that trash of yours (in something); don’t throw it about indicriminately.Nawutkewboheˈbangulan.Catch water (in something) when it rains.Magsawutboheˈulankami.We are catching rain water.salud

Nawut sapiˈ ku si siye.I will catch a cow from them. (One gives money ahead of time to ensure that one will
get the next calf.)

vpasawutsubjectN-, mag-To place s.t. with an opening in such a way as to catch s.t., to cup hands.Pasawutne tangannen peggeˈ urunganku iye kendi.He cupped his hands because I gave him candy.Magpasawuttimbaˈkubangulan.I make a bucket catch it when it rains.Niyaˈmasawut bahadilkun peggeˈ ulan.Someone makes my drum catch (water) because it is raining.
vnawutTo cup hands (in prayer).Nawutsiyebangniyaˈ nganduwaˈa.They cup their hands when someone performs a prayer ceremony.14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship