v. statTo be tight (of items of clothing).tight; crowdedSigpitne badjuˈku inin hatu ku ngahadje.This blouse of mine is tight now; perhaps I am getting bigger.kekkedhaget23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing
vmagsigpitFor s.t. to be tightly packed, be crowded.Magsigpit meˈ aˈahin dem jīp.The people are tightly packed in the jeep.


nDifficulty.difficultyNiyaˈsigpitnepeggeˈniyaˈ utangne bu dinaˈak ne iye magbayed kuweˈitu.He is in difficulty because he has a debt and he has been told to pay it now.Iyesigpitnen, ulananne lumaˈnen bu gaˈ niyaˈ pamelline sapew.That is his difficulty; it rains into his house and he has no money to buy a roof.
v. statkasigpitanTo be in difficulty, hard pressed, in a dilemma.hard pressed, to be; dilemma, to be in aKasigpitankukuweˈitu, ganaˈ sīnku.I am in difficulty now; I have no money.Kasigpitanku mikil peggeˈ bang niyaˈ ne pangurungku iye gaˈ ne niyaˈ pamelliku para si aku.I am hardpressed thinking because if I give to her I don’t have anything left to buy for myself.(ka)bohat(an)(ka)hunit1(an)
vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)object+/-#-anTo make s.t. difficult; to put s.o. on the spot.Nigpitne si Dende, gey iye ngatu bang gey iye kabayedan kuweˈitu.Dende makes it difficult; she is not willing if she is not paid now.Sigpitneku, daˈakne ku magbayed kuweˈitu.She puts me on the spot; she tells me to pay now.Magsigpitsiye sabab utang. (Magurung sigpit siye.)They make it difficult for each other because of a debt.