nSmall, hot, red pepper; chili pepper.pepper (small and hot)Capsicum frutescensThey grow on bushes, are about one centimeter long and can be eaten green or red.
They are crushed and often mixed with salt.
kew ngeddoˈ sili.Go and fetch some pepper.pā-pā1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo use hot pepper in s.t.Bangkew magsayul daˈa silihanun, iyuˈ ku lalahan.When you cook vegetables don’t use peppers in it; I find them hot.Gaˈkutagammagsili.I am not accustomed to using peppers.Niyaˈnilihan sayulkun.Someone put hot peppers in my vegetables.

sili bulan

nLarger, yellow pepper (not very hot).Capsicum family1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)