advFinally; in the end.finally; end, in the; result; outcomeSudda ngamā iye peggeˈ luwal iye hininang dagey.Finally he will get angry because he is always made fun of.Oletininsudda manjari kabaˈ-kabaˈ.This grub will in the end become a butterfly.Sangatkuluwaltennunsuddapeddiˈ bukutkun.If I (continue to) always weave (then) finally my back will hurt.ujudtaka-takasangat-sangat5.1World and timeWorld and time
nResult, outcome, in the end.Peggeˈjumuˈkami ngagad, suddanen hap lumaˈ kami.Because we were fed up with waiting in the end we went home.


nAn (end) result, outcome.end result; outcomeNiyaˈkasuddahan meˈ hininangnen.What he does will have a result.Bangkewluwalmaginumangaˈniyaˈkasuddahannu.If you always drink you will have no (good) outcome (you will come to no good).jatupūs(ka)sōng2(an)14.20Other, supernatural/religionOther, supernatural/religion