adjCompletely clean (esp. ritually), pure, holy.holy; clean (ritually); pureBangkew nambahayang bisan kew bakas mandi subey pe kew magayil duk kew asal sutsi.When you worship, even though you have taken a bath you still have to do ablutions
so that you will be really pure.
Tuhanin asal sutsi teˈed.God is really holy.limpiyubatal14.19Adjectives used in connection w/ religionAdjectives used in connection w/ religion
vsubjectN-, mag-To purify s.t. (esp. from ceremonial defilement).purify (from ceremonial defilement)Especially used of preparing bodies for the funeral.Taˈuiyenutsi dīne.He knows how to purify himself.Bangniyaˈaˈamatey subey sinutsi.If a person has died he should be purified.Aˈa iyan taˈu magsutsi aˈa matey.That person knows how to purify dead people.sātun14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship