nHealer, practitioner (medical), specialist (a person knowledgeable in herbal medicine
and magical formulas and incantations).
healer; medical practitioner (using herbs and magic)specialist (in magical incantations)If a healer tabib knows how to call on a familiar spirit he is a shaman landungan as well. An ordinary tabib does not have a familiar spirit.kew ngeddoˈ tabib duk niyaˈ nawalan nakanak inin, tiyaˈ gey hāp lessane.Go and get a healer so that he will apply magical formulas to this child; he does not feel well.Ineddoˈan ku weˈ tabibin gamut kayu hinangku pahaggut.The healer got me some tree roots which I will use for herbal medicine.kew ngeddoˈ tabib, daˈakte magbahasa.Go get the healer; we will tell him to call on his familiar spirit.landungan14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations