vClosed (of things where two sides meet as a blouse, wound, mouth, etc.).Tabuˈne lānin weˈ sabet.The road is closed (overgrown with) by weeds.Kewuliˈanne bakatkun, tiyaˈ ne tabuˈ.My wound is healed already; it is closed.
vsubjectN-, mag-To close or shut s.t.close s.t.; shut s.t.Tabuˈun gawangin bang kew paluwas.Shut the door when you go out.Tiyaˈkudahuˈmagtabuˈbadjuˈ.I will just button up (lit. close) my blouse.Geykutaˈunabuˈ badjuˈku inin.I don’t know how to close this blouse of mine.Tabuˈun behenun, daˈa kew luwal pabangaˈ.Shut your mouth; don’t always be open-mouthed.tambelkansingkissup


nThe thing one closes s.t. with (as buttons, zipper, pin, brooch, clasp in jewelry,
thing one closes s.t. withNiyaˈtabuˈankudembuwaˈ (dublun).I have one brooch (a gold coin).Lukatabuˈan badjuˈkun.The buttons of my blouse are open.Magkaˈattabuˈan gallangkun.The lock of my bracelet is broken.23.4Parts of clothingParts of clothing