adjLong (mostly of objects).long (of objects)Tahaˈkōkdende iyan.The hair of that woman is long.Tahaˈpapaninin.This board is long.Tahaˈ umulnen.His life is long.Tahaˈ napasnen. (idiom)He is hardworking (lit. his breath is long).tayolayolangkewpandak
nThe length of s.t.Tahaˈ ingketin ampat deppe.The length of the rope is six meters.Bakas ku melli basiˈ, tahaˈnen lime metro.I bought wire; its length is five meters.
vpatahaˈsubjectN-, mag-object+/-#-anTo lengthen s.t., make s.t. be long; let s.t. grow long.Patahaˈuningket kābewnun.Lengthen the rope of your carabao.Patahaˈanunne kōknun, daˈa ne tettepanun.Let your hair grow long (lit. make to be long); don’t cut it.Magpatahaˈkōkiye.She lets her hair grow long.Matahaˈiyebuwey iyan, gaˈi dahuˈ eddoˈne bang pandak pe.He lets that rattan grow long, he does not fetch it when it is still short.


adjDifferent, various (of length).Magtahaˈ-pandak gulameykun.My fingers are of different lengths.