vTo know how to do s.t.; to be able to do s.t.know how to do s.t.; able to do s.t.Taˈuneiye magbella.She knows how to cook already.Taˈuiye maghinang lumaˈ.He knows how to build a house.mahilpandey(maka)sabutkakuˈ


nKnowledge (esp. of supernatural things).knowledge (special)Aˈa iyan ekka kataˈune sabab magpakaˈat aˈa.That person has much knowledge about how to harm people.Aˈa iyan niyaˈ kataˈune, bang iye lumengngan gaˈi iye takite.That person has knowledge; when he goes out he cannot be seen.elimuˈ14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge


vTo know s.t.know s.t.Kataˈuhankulānhap lumaˈden.I know the way to their house.Gaˈikataˈuhannu bangintag oroˈkun?Don’t you know where my knife is?bistuinab-inabgimet-gimetkilalebawagtamamtukasinday

magkinataˈu, pagkinataˈu

vTo know each other, be acquainted.acquainted; know each otherMagkinataˈukami duk disi Dende.Dende’s family and we are acquainted.Tiggelnepagkinataˈu kamihin.We already know each other a long time.

magintaˈu, pagintaˈu

vTo make s.t. known; let s.o. know s.t.make known s.t.; know, to make or let s.o.Pagintaˈukew si aku bang kew hap lumaˈ.Make it known to me when you go home.Gaˈniyaˈmagintaˈuaku weˈ bakas niyaˈ pitu magdagang kenna.Nobody let me know that someone came here selling fish.Pagintaˈuhunkubangtekka bisitanun.Let me know when your visitors arrive.


vTo come to know s.t., learn s.t. (by studying or experience).know s.t., come to (by study or experience)Subey kew pataˈu duk kew makapasa si iskulan.You should come to know it (by studying) so that you will pass in school.Bisaniyegaˈitaˈu maghinang lumaˈ, pataˈu iye duk niyaˈ tarabahune.Even though he doesn’t know how to build a house, he comes to know how (to do it by experience) so that he will have employment.