adjFar (in distance), a long way.far (distance)Talalahat kamihin binnaˈan.Our country is a long way from here.tingka2lantaˈladjutapit


vmagtalaFor things to be far, far apart in distance.Magtala lumaˈten.Our houses are far from each other.


vmagtalaFor things to be very different, far apart in similarity.Bisankami magpungtinaˈi magtala addat kamihin.Even though we are siblings our customs are very different.


vsubjectpa-, -um-To go, move, or stay far away from s.t. else.go far away; move far away; stay far awayPatalaku amban bihingne.I moved far away from his side.Tumalaku amban iye.I stay far from him.
vpatalasubjectN-, mag-To place or move s.t. away (to a more distant location).place s.t. at a distance; move away s.t.Pinatala weˈ ne pirahin amban bihingku.She placed the pira-knife away from my side.Bangku magpinda kābew gaˈi ku magpatala.When I change (the location of) the carabao I don’t move him far.Luhudun kambing iyan matala duk luwal gaˈi pitu.Drive that goat far away so that it doesn’t always come here.sēsseylīˈ