vFor a course of study to be completed.completed (course of study)Tammatne iskulnen.His schooling has been completed.Tammatne inadjiˈnen.His studies in the Qur’an have been completed.
vmag-, -in-To graduate (from school).Sumumagtammatlaˈi si iskulan.Tomorrow (they) will graduate there at school.Nakanakinintinammatnetahuninin.This child will graduate this year.Tinammatneiyetahuninin si madrasa.He will graduate this year from the Qur’an school.
vsubjectN-, mag-To provide the graduation feast (after completing studies in the Qur’an).graduate, toGaˈniyaˈnammatnakanak iyan bisan iye taˈu ngadjiˈ peggeˈ gaˈ niyaˈ metettoˈane.Nobody provides a graduation feast for that child even though he knows how to read (the Qur’an) because he has no parents.Magtammatsiye puwas pagani.They will provide the graduation feast after the harvest.Tammatne anaknen peggeˈ tambus ne inadjiˈnen.He provides the graduation feast for his child because she has completed her studies (in the Qur’an).hatam14.19Adjectives used in connection w/ religionAdjectives used in connection w/ religion


nGraduation, graduation ceremony, graduation feast.graduation and it’s ceremonyBakas kami amban pagtammatan.We have been at the graduation ceremony.14.8CeremoniesCeremonies