nA sign, symbol, evidence or proof of s.t.sign of s.t.; proof of s.t.; symbol of s.t.; evidence of s.t.Ine-ine hinangnu tabangante kew, iye iyan tandaˈ lasaku si kaˈuhin.Whatever you do I will help you; that is the sign of my love for you.Tanemanku taras bulakkun duk niyaˈ tandaˈne weˈ iye iyan tamannen.I planted a border marker on my land so that it has a sign that that is its border.indanpureba17.5Other, law and judgingOther, law and judging
vsubjectmag-For s.t. to become evident, to provide proof.Magtandaˈne meˈ hininangne kemuwe miyaˈanin. Niyaˈ ne kajatuhanne.What he has been working on for a long time is becoming evident. It has come to fruition.Magtandaˈne meˈ hinanganne luwal manangkewin. Hātinen tasiggew ne bu kinalabusu.His constant stealing became evident. That means he was caught and put into prison.