advSurely.surely; sure, to beTantunehadja pangamāne kaˈuhin bang takalene weˈ gey kew takoleˈ-koleˈ.Surely she will just scold you when she hears that you did not obey.Banggeykewtaˈu magdaˈawa tantu ne hadja katadaˈagnun.If you don’t know how to deny (that it was you) you will surely be defeated (in a lawsuit).
vtatantuTo be sure of s.t.Tatantuku weˈ asal inamāhan kew.I am sure that you will be scolded.Tatantune asal pitu iye balik.He is sure (that) he will come back.bugtuˈ


advNot very well, not very much (with verbs); not so ...(with adjectives.).very well; very muchOccurs only with a negative.Geyiyetantu nabang maghinang.He does not help very much with the work.Geykutantu tumuli bang sangem.I don’t go to sleep very well at night.Geytantu kataˈuhanku.I don’t know it very well.Aˈa iyan gaˈi du tantu liskut manamal.That person is not so very stingy.manamal