nSteps on stairs; rung on a ladder; notches in a tree trunk (for climbing).step (on stair); rung (on ladder); notch (for climbing)Piyetanggaˈharen lumaˈnen?How many steps are on the stairs of his house?tukad19.2Parts of housesParts of houses10.5Nouns used in connection w/ coconutsNouns used in connection w/ coconuts
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo make steps or notches (in a tree, hillside, etc.).Banggaˈikewtaˈumanaˈiklahing iyan tanggaˈanun duk kew tapanaˈik.If you cannot climb that coconut tree make notches so that you can climb it.Niyaˈnanggaˈanlahing miyaˈan.Someone cut notches into that coconut tree.Bakas ku magtanggaˈ batang kayu miyaˈan.I have cut notches into that tree trunk.kewnanggaˈlahing.Go and cut steps into the coconut tree.


nA zigzag or ‘staircase’ pattern; teeth of a saw.zigzag pattern; teeth (of saw)Tanggaˈ-tanggaˈ badjuˈnen hadje.The zigzag pattern of his shirt is big.Niyaˈtanggaˈ-tanggaˈtuggu badjuˈnen.The edge of his shirt has a zigzag pattern.Ekkatanggaˈ-tanggaˈ kekehetin.The saw has many teeth.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing