adjNear, close to s.t. (in space or time).near; close to s.t.Tapit lumaˈkun si kalsara.My house is near the road.Tapitne lisag sempūˈ.It is close to ten o’clock.Tapitne ellewin lettu.The sun is near the zenith.
vmagtapitFor things to be close together, near each other.Magtapitlumaˈkami.Our houses are near each other. (We are neighbors.)Nakanak iyan magtapit sulatannen.The writing of that child is close together.Magtapitbulakkami.Our fields are near each other.
vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)To approach, to come close to s.t.approach s.t.; come close to s.t.Patapitkewpitu si aku.Come close to me here.Patapit nakanakin pitu si aku.The child is approaching me.Hatu sōng niyaˈ aka nakanak iyan si aku; iyuˈ luwal magtapitan.Perhaps that child wants to tell me something; she keeps coming close.
vpatapitsubjectN-, mag-To bring s.t. close to s.t.Bangkohapnepatapitne meˈ hayepne si lumaˈ.In the afternoon he brings his animals close to the house.Magpatapithayepneiyepeggeˈkohapne.He brings the animals close (to the house) because it is afternoon.Niyaˈmatapit kābewkun si boheˈ.Someone brought my carabao close to the water.seˈekdeggetdalesteppilhirettalaladju