nA string of beads (used as an aid to memory in praying); prayer beads; rosary.string of beads; beads for praying; rosary; prayer beadsThe tasbi (Arabic “subha”) is always used in the ceremonies following a death. They are usually
strung in a loop of eleven, thirty-three or ninety-nine, with suitable marker beads
to aid in progressing through ritual repetitions of “the most beautiful names”, and
other formulas.
Gaˈ taˈesseb imamin moˈo tasbinen.The imam did not remember to bring his string of beads.14.13ObjectsObjects
vsubjectN-, mag-To use prayer beads (rosary).After a death has occurred and before the burial takes place the imam recites the phrase “la ilaha illa Awla” 100 times using the tasbi. And each following day in the morning and afternoon up to the 7th day the same recitation
takes place. After this it is also done at every prescribed remembrance day up to
the 100th day. The recitation after a death is also referred to as lawatib.
Meˈ ustad nasbi-nasbi si lān.The Qur’an teachers are using the prayer beads on the road.Magtasbihadja meˈ aˈa miyaˈan bisan intag.Those people use the rosary wherever they are.lawatib