ptlQuestion particle (short for enteˈ).Often used together with question words. It is usually not translated into English.question particleThe one asking is uncertain of capability or willingness of the respondent to answer
the question or to fulfill the request. If one asks a person about what someone else
said or did or what the opinion of another person is, it can be either teˈ or ke.
Ineteˈ iyan?What is that?Sumiyanteˈkew balik?When will you come back?Piyesīnteˈ inin?How much is this?Toˈoteˈ (ke) meˈ pinaˈinne miyaˈan?Is it really true what he is saying there? (More a rhetorical question or asking oneself.)Hunit teˈ (ke) badjuˈne inin?What do you think, is this blouse of hers expensive?enteˈke