adjReal (as opposed to make-believe or fake).real; veryMelli kew kenna teˈed.Buy “real” fish (i.e. a species with scales).Magdelos iye subey dumaˈin delos teˈed.He wears a watch but it is not a real watch.paltikula-ula


vpeteˈedsubjectN-, mag-To take s.t. seriously, take s.t. for real.take s.t. seriouslyGeyiyetaˈu magulahan, mura iye meteˈed.He doesn’t know how to joke; he easily takes it seriously.Maghinang kew pinateˈed.Work (and do it) seriously.Meˈ saweˈnen magulahan. Bang iye, peteˈedne si iyehin.His companions joke. As for him, he takes it seriously.Daˈakaˈamluwal magulahan kaw kaˈam sudda magpeteˈed.Don’t keep joking lest eventually you take it seriously.


advReally, very.Intensifier, modifying adjectives.Hadjeteˈedgoyakensiniˈ.The waves were very big earlier.Panasteˈed boheˈin.The water is really hot.manamallanduˈpahāp1