vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo shorten s.t. (by cutting it); to trim s.t.Any long object can be ‘trimmed’ as posts, boards, tails of fish or chicken, hedges,
etc. If no object is mentioned it means fingernails.
cut s.t. (as fingernails); trim s.t.; shorten by cuttingTettepdukew, iyuˈ tahaˈ kukkunun.Trim them; your fingernails are long.(This form is used though the grammatically correct form would be ‘nettep du kew’
or ‘tettepanun kukkunun’.)
Bakas nettep ne ku, pandak ne kukkukun.I have trimmed them; my fingernails are already short.Nettepkujambangan miyaˈan tanemku.I trim those plants to plant them (the tops).Tettepanne kōknen.She cut her hair.Magtettepkōkiye.She cut her hair. Or: She cuts hair.kultisangkultoklongtaklung29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING