vTo be hit by s.t.hit, to be; correct, to be; hit the mark; right, to be; hit it off wellTewwaˈ asuhin tinibag weˈ ku.The dog was hit; I threw (stones) at him.Kawkaˈambakat, kawkaˈamtewwaˈ.You may be wounded; you may be hit.Gaˈ manjari paleykun peggeˈ tewwaˈ ellew.My rice did not bear fruit because it got too much sun (lit. it was hit by the sun).Manjari buwaˈ kayuhin peggeˈ gaˈ tewwaˈ ulan.The fruit had a good yield because it did not get too much rain (lit. it was not hit by rain).latustigiˈtudju2tumlang


adjnewwaˈ, katewwaˈanTo hit the mark; to be correct; to be right, accurate.Tewwaˈkēmon pinaˈinnen.All he said was right (hit the mark).Geytantunewwaˈ (or tewwaˈ) meˈ addatnen.His behavior is not very correct.Katewwaˈanku si meˈ pinaˈinnen.What he says seems correct to me.Gaˈniyaˈnewwaˈ (tewwaˈ) meˈ paleyin kuweˈitu - hātinen gaˈi manjari.No rice is (turns out) right now - it means it does not have a proper yield.korekt(um)uˈun


vmagtewwaˈ (recip.)For people (things) to hit it off well, to get along well, to match.Magtewwaˈkamimagdembuwaˈlumaˈ.All of us in the house hit it off well.Gaˈikamimagtewwaˈ magbissā.We don’t hit it off well talking together.Gaˈmagtewwaˈ panabasku sawalkun, tiyaˈ baliskat paˈanen dembiyaˈ.My cutting of my pants doesn’t match; one of the legs is the wrong way round.(mag)sabut(mag)sulut

tewwaˈ bissā

vHit by speech. To be accused by s.o. of s.t.Dende miyaˈan tewwaˈ bissā duk lella.That woman was accused (of having illicit relations) with a man.