adjClear (as glass), transparent, see-through.clear (as glass); transparent; see-throughLapisanun badjuˈnu iyan iyuˈ tilag.Wear a layer under your blouse; it is transparent.Sāmintendewan iyan gey tantu tilag. Takitenu hadja lingew aˈahin.The glass of that window is not very clear. You only see the shadows of people.
vsubjectN-, mag-To look at s.t. against the light, or at a light through s.t. semi-transparent.look at s.t. against lightIt is said that when the new moon has recently appeared and one cannot tell how many
days into the month it is, one should look through a cloth at the moon. The moon will
be seen as double or three times. The number of times one sees it, that is the number
of days that have passed in that month.
Tilagte galun iyan dahuˈ bang gaˈ ke lessuˈ.Let’s have a look against the light at that gallon container first (to see) if it doesn’t have a hole.Tilagun koˈ bulanin duk semmek iyan bang piyem bahangi ne.Look at the moon through that cloth to determine what date it is.Magtilaggaluniyekawlessuˈ.He is looking at the gallon container against the light; perhaps it is leaking.33.1Verbs used in connection w/ seeingVerbs used in connection w/ seeing