nThe foot-end of s.t. (opposite from the head-end, as of house, bed, river, etc., on
a horizontal level only); downriver.
foot-end of s.t.; downriverIn a house the door is always at the foot-end tindakan. When lying down the feet point to the foot-end.Bettadun hadja meˈ bagnu iyan luˈu si tindakan.Just place your bags there at the foot-end.Laˈi si tindakan boheˈ pagdekdakankun peggeˈ ekka aˈa laˈi si kōkan.The place where I wash my clothes is downriver because many people are there upriver.kōk(an) 419.2Parts of housesParts of houses5.4TopographyTopography
vsubjectpa-To go to the foot-end of s.t. or downriver.Bangekkaaˈa si kōkan ku patindakan.When many people are upriver (or at the head-end of the house) I go downriver (or to the foot-end of the house).
vpatindakanTo take s.t. to or place at the foot-end of s.t. or downriver.Patindakanun meˈ sinelasnu iyan.Take your slippers to the foot-end (of the house).


nFoot support (for weaving on a back-strap-loom).foot support (weaving loom)In weaving on a back-strap-loom the feet are pushed against a beam in order for the
weaver to tighten the warp with the back. This beam is securely fastened to the floor
to give the necessary support.
Kayuinin hinangku tindakan.This piece of wood I am going to use as a foot support.24.2Parts of a loomParts of a loom