advTo be about or off to do s.t., be in the process of doing s.t.It shows progressive action; non-punctiliar action. It is used with first and third
person only.
be off for s.t.; process of doing s.t., to be in; about to do s.t.Tiyaˈnekuhaplumaˈ.I am off now for home.Tiyaˈku maglaˈit.I am in the process of sewing.Gaˈipeiye tapanuhut, tiyaˈ pe iye maglaˈit.She cannot come along now; she is still in the process of sewing.Tiyaˈsiyetekka.They are just arriving.Tiyaˈdu pitakakun takasuwaˈku.I have just found my little purse.iyuˈ3