nStringing material (such as string, wire, or thin stick used to thread through s.t.
that is going to be carried or bound); shoelace; string of s.t. (as bananas, fish,
etc. that are strung onto s.t.).
string to thread through s.t.; shoelaceTengkuleyan inin hinangku .This midrib of a coconut leaflet I will use as a stick (to thread something on).Piyesīn kennahin den ?How much is one string of the fish?Intag sapatusnu iyan?Where is your shoelace?ingket20.8Other, implementsOther, implements7.5Units in countingUnits in counting
vsubjectN-, mag-To string s.t., put s.t. on a string; to insert a string into a hole.string s.t.; insert a stringBanggaˈniyaˈselopen pangisihannu kennanu iyan tōhun hadja duk buwey.If you don’t have a plastic bag for putting your fish in, just string them with a piece of rattan.Sasangmagtōkennaiye tekkakun.While he was stringing fish I arrived.Tabanganku iye sapatusne.I helped him insert (the shoelaces) into his shoes.32WAYS OF TYING THINGSWAYS OF TYING THINGS


nA string or stick with items on it (as fish, fried bananas, beads).Labungtōhankenna iyan.That string has many fish on it.Pettudku kenna inin amban tōhanne.I will pull this fish from the string (it is on with many others).Tahaˈtōhanpiritu iyan.The stick with those fried bananas is long.