vpatohoˈsubjectN- (part), mag- (all)object-anTo dry s.t.Patohoˈanundahuˈkayu iyan maki ennaˈun.Dry that wood first, then store it.Matohoˈkew meˈ semmek iyan duk takoleˈnu moˈo.Dry those clothes so that you will be able to carry them. (Only some are dried not all.)Bangku magdekdak magpatohoˈ ku dahuˈ laˈi si boheˈ.When I do laundry I dry it there at the river. (All of it.)
vnohoˈDried up (used of sores only).Nohoˈne katelkun, sōng kewuliˈan ne.My sore has dried up; it will soon be healed.