nThe end, extreme end, edge of s.t.end of s.t., the; edge of s.t., the; look out of corner of eyeGarettuggubaran badjuˈnen.The edge of the body of his shirt is torn.Bambaltugguingketinin.The end of this rope is coming undone.taman
vsubjectpa-, -um-To go to or be at the end or edge of s.t.Bangkewmanaˈikkayudaˈakewpatuggukawkewlaboˈ.When you climb a tree don’t go to the end (of a branch) lest you fall.Tumuggu pamettadku sawanin hangkan hep laboˈ.I happened to place the glass at the edge; that’s why it dropped.
vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)To be at the end or edge of s.t., look out of the corner (lit. end) of the eye.Daˈakewnuggu-nuggukawkewlaboˈ.Don’t be at the edge lest you fall.Lella iyan bang mayam nuggu-nuggu mata hadja.When that man watches something he only looks out of the corner of his eye.Bangsiye magpayam magtuggu-tuggu mata hadja.When they look at each other they just look out of the corners of their eyes.payam

anda tuggu

nThe last wife (of a man who already has one or more).

tuggu baran badjuˈ

nHem of shirt or blouse.