vTo be known (of s.t. previously unknown or secret).known; make known s.t. unknownBakas siye mapatey bu gaˈ kataˈuhan. Bu kuweˈitu tukas ne.They killed someone, but it was not known. But now it is known already.Ine-ine tinapukan bu kataˈuhan ne pinaˈin tukas ne.Whatever was hidden and is known now it is said to be known.Tukasnekēmon kadupangannen.All his bad deeds are known.(ka)taˈu(han)tapuk
vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)To make s.t. known, bring s.t. out into the open.Ekka ngataˈuhanne weˈ iye mamapateyin, saguwaˈ ganaˈ bahani nukasne.Many know it that he is the killer; but nobody dares to make it known.Magtukas meˈ kadupanganden siye.They make each other’s bad deeds known.