vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)To droop, hang downwards (of head), bow down (of head or from the waist).bow down head; droop; hang downwards (of head)Luwalkumagtukkuˈan weˈ karuˈin.I am always drooping because of tiredness.Patukkuˈkudiyataˈlamisahan.I will bow (my head) on the table.rukuˈ
vsubjectN-#-an, mag- (recip.)object-anTo push down, bow or bend s.o.’s head.Tukkuˈannekupeggeˈ inastel iye si aku.He bent my head down because he was angry at me.Luwalkuhadjanukkuˈan hinangkun kahabaˈ ellew.I always just bow down over my work every day.Magtukkuˈsiyepeggeˈ magsasaˈ siye.They push down each other’s (head) because they are fighting.tondoktongas