vTo sleep, be asleep.sleep, toTuli kite bang sangem.We sleep at night.
vsubjectmag-, -um-To sleep.Gaˈsiyemagtulidibuhiˈpeggeˈ magdagey siye kellawan.They did not sleep last night because they played all night.Tumulikubisanhidjul.I fell asleep even though it was noisy.Tapatuliku nigkoloˈ-ningkoloˈ.I fell asleep (or I slept) sitting up.
vpatulisubjectN-, mag-To put s.o. to sleep, cause s.o. to sleep.Patulihunnenakanak iyan.Put that child to sleep.iyematuli anakne.She went to put her child to sleep.Magpatuli anakne pe iye.She is still putting her child to sleep.lessekleddeklanewlagsukpessekbute2


vTo be solid, have hardened (of oil).harden (of oil); solid, have becomePanasun isellan iyan iyuˈ tuli, ambat tunew.Heat that oil, it is solid; let it melt.Tuline isellanin, kajari ne sinawuk.The oil has hardened already; it can be ladled off now.
vpatulisubjectmag-To let (a liquid that contains oil) stand in order to separate.In oil making the strained coconut milk is left overnight (or longer) in a container.
The oil will separate from the water, which remains on the bottom, and have a foamy
substance akal on top.
Bang kite magisellan lahing patulite gataˈnen.When we make coconut oil we let the coconut milk separate.Bangiye magisellan lahing gaˈi ne iye magpatuli. Isellanne ne magtawus.When she makes coconut oil she does not let (the milk) separate. She makes the oil immediately.