vTo go where (intg. loc.).go where (in question only); where, to goIt is used in questions only.Tungannu?Where will you go?Tungankew sumu?Where will you go tomorrow?Tungannu diˈilew?Where did you go yesterday?Lumengngan tungan kew iyan?Where are you going?
vpatunganTo put or place s.t. somewhere, to cause s.t. to go or be somewhere.Bisan kite pinatungan subey hadja kite patuhut.Wherever we are made to go (or are taken) we should just oblige.Bisanpatunganku oroˈkun masi takasuwaˈ mākanakin.No matter where I put my knife the children will find it.
advtungan-tunganWherever (of going).wherever (going)Tungan-tungan lengngannu iye esseb-essebun panoloˈ saˈi-samanu kaˈuhin.Wherever you go remember what your parents taught you.