advFinished (of an activity).Ubusnekamimangan.We have finished eating.Maki kami mandi bang ubus kami ngellu.We will take a bath when we have finished weeding.Tiggelneiyeubusmatey.He died a long time ago.
v. statFinished, completed, exhausted, depleted; run out of s.t.finished; completed; exhausted; depleted; run out of s.t.Ubusne lumaˈnen (hininang).His house is completed (finished being built).Ubusne buwasin (kinakan).The rice has been finished (having been eaten).Ubusne tawalkun si nakanak iyan.My incantations for that child are exhausted.puspuslugsuˈtambustettas2tuwaˈ1


vsubjectN-, mag-To finish doing s.t.; end doing s.t.finish s.t.; end s.t.Tabanganun ku ngubus kinelluku.Help me to finish my weeding.Geykumagubus meˈ dinekdakan meˈ aˈa iyan.I did not finish the laundry of those people.Ubusunnekinakan iyan.Finish that food.Taˈubuskudu iyan ngalaˈit de ellew.I can finish that sewing in one day.
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-#-anobject-anTo finish up s.t.; to finish off s.t.; use up s.t. (so that nothing is left).Tabanganun ku ngubusan kinelluku.Help me to finish up my weeding.Ubusanne sīnnen pamelli bāng-bāng.He used up his money in buying cookies.Magubusansiye magbonoˈin.They finished off everyone in the fighting (all died).Bangsiye magdagey magubusan siye.When they play (with money) they do it until it is used up.laras2