vsubjectN-, mag-To remove or extract s.t. (by digging it out with an instrument, as coconut out of
a shell, thorn out of skin, s.t. small dropped into a crack); to pry s.t. up or off
(as a lid of a can).
remove by digging out s.t.; pry off; dig out s.t.; extract s.t.Akune pagantiˈ ngugit tuney bettisnu iyan.I will take a turn at digging out that thorn in your foot.Magugitlahingsiye.They are removing coconut (from the shells).Banggaˈi talukanu lekkeb mital iyan ugitun duk suruˈ.If you cannot open the lid of that can pry it off with a spoon.sugitlugitān10.4Verbs used in connection w/ coconutsVerbs used in connection w/ coconuts