nRain.rainDunuk boheˈin peggeˈ landes ulanin.The river is flooded because the rain was heavy.benek-benekbuhawiˈmangeˈ kabal5.3Weather and natural calamitiesWeather and natural calamities
vTo rain.Bakas ulan dibuhiˈ.It rained last night.Bangulan eddoˈun pinahayangin.If it rains fetch the clothes (off the line).
vulanan, kaˈulananTo get rained on.Ulanan (kaˈulanan) kami si lān.We got rained on on the way.
vsubjectmag-#-an, mag- redup.To go out into the rain, to (voluntarily) let oneself be rained on.Gaˈkami pasayindung, magulanan kami.We did not take shelter; we let ourselves be rained on.Daˈakewmagulan-ulan.Don’t go out in the rain.
vsubjectN-#-anobject-anTo put s.t. out in the rain.Gaˈniyaˈngulanan pinahayangne.Nobody puts his laundry out in the rain.Ulananne tehompaˈkun.He put my shoes out in the rain.

Gaˈ niyaˈ ngulanan asinne.Nobody reveals his secrets (lit. nobody puts his salt out in the rain).pangulan

nRainy season.rainy seasonEllum meˈ sapaˈ-sapaˈin bang beytu pangulan.The creeks start to flow when it is rainy season.Bangpangulantomoˈ meˈ sabetin.When it is rainy season the weeds sprout.(pang)ellew 1
5.1World and timeWorld and time