vmagpaˈumeyTo ask (a question).ask a questionkewmagpaˈumey si iye bang magbella ne ke atawa gaˈi pe.Go and ask her if (I) should do the cooking now or not yet.tilew30WAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKINGWAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKING


intginumeyHow, in what manner.howInumeykennainin, ilampa atawa piniritu?How (shall I cook) this fish, boil it or fry it?Inumey pangeddoˈku meˈ semmekku bu īˈ ekka asu ngekkeb?How am I to get my clothes, when there are many dogs that bite?sāˈingge


vinumeyWhat to do with...? To do s.t. in what way?Inumeyku si iyehin, bu īˈ ne lumanduˈ pengurungku.What shall I do for him; what’s more I have already given excessively.Inumeyde si akuhin bang ku nuhut siye?What will they do to me if I go along with them?(in)ine