nA debt (of any kind).debtNiyaˈutangkusempūˈ pilak.I have a debt of ten pesos.tangguduse
vutanganTo be indebted, owe money.Utanganku si iye.I am indebted to him.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go into debt; to owe money; to buy on credit.debt, go into; owe money; buy on creditThe verbal form is used only if one goes into debt with someone who sells or lends
money commercially. With private persons it is sambiˈ.
Ngutangkubanggaˈniyaˈ pamelliku.I go into debt if I have nothing to buy with.Bakas ku magutang semmek si iye.I have gotten clothes from her on credit. (I am still owing her either the whole amount or part.)sambiˈ2