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sasantree with hard wood; grows in the hill
vbinttearDer.sahaexplode; split; crack opensàrə1tearsaʼrə1crack open; split in two
sa rùmvbintbe initiated into a traditional society
sàavbint?no problem if that happens; statement made after trying in vain to stop a thing
sahaDer. ofvbintexplode; split; crack open
sàhavbtrsudden or abrupt action e.g.running, talking
sàhàsàhàa snharlotry, adulterySyn.nto4
sak1sakncracks in the foot
sak2vbclap hands; thunder striking
sak3vbtrjudgeDer.sak gùpay and receive dowrysak ŋgeʼcourt
sàkvbtrto scatter e.g. a house
sak gùDer. ofsak3pay and receive dowry
sak ŋgeʼDer. ofsak3court
sak(nu)vbtrharvest honey
saksakideoat exactly noon; pointing out as referred to the breast of a young girlNùm tə maràŋ saksak.The sun is exactly overhead (noon)
saksə ntʉmvbtrprovoke, cause to be worried
sam3vbtrdisperse; scatter; break off
sam4vbtrslap; beat (using the palm or something flat)
sam5Frepartat all (used with negative)
sàmvbjump for joy; dance about
samsəDer. ofsam1lend