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advfreely; for nothing; uselessDer.wàwawàaimless
wàavbtrto catch something in the air
wabəvbto be knowledgeable; to be fit forSyn.yəyərə̀
wakvbtrclean the inside of a close container by shaking with sand, gravel, etc
wàk1wàak sənage-mate
wàk2vbtrcause e.g. grass to shake by pushing through
wàk/wàhàwàk/wàhànkind of grass with rough leaves in the ; makes some noise if pushed through
wamvbtrmake handle for spear
wàmwàmnmat for drying things
waŋ1vbtrcry; weep
waŋ2waŋntall forest tree with small leaves; can be used for timber
waŋ3vbtrcry; weep; mourn
wap1ideoquick movement like a sprint or jump
wap2vbtrthrash with a cane
wapsə/wapvbwrap around; weave
warəvbtrstir; mix
wàrə̀wàwàrə̀wànsieve with large holes
wàwawàDer. ofadvaimless
wàʼŋgwɛ̀ŋwàʼŋgwɛ̀ŋngirl, physically mature but never given birth
waʼrəvbtrmovement in some obscured place only determined by the movement of what you touch
wènəwèŋDer. ofwèŋyou and them
wèŋpnyou (plural)Der.wènəwèŋyou and them
wɛ̀ɛʼideo?let it be so, what else can one do?