Dictionary Entries explained

Each entry begins with a key word which is displayed in red and is hyperlinked to the search page. For nouns, the plural form is given in parentheses following the abbreviation "pl." and is also hyperlinked. Following that is the abbreviation for the part of speech, in green. In the following example, the abbreviation "n" means "noun." Then the definition of the word in English appears in green, followed by the definition in French which appears in blue.

à≠tàᵐb-táᵐb (pl. pà≠tàᵐb-táᵐb) n Eng important person Frn notable

If a word has several related meanings these are separated by semi-colons.

èm≠fùtú (pl. ìm≠fùtú) n Frn moisissure sur épis de maïs ; moississure sur les choses seches,

Definitions of a word that are very close in meaning are separated by commas.

èŋ≠èɲ–í (pl. p≠èɲ–í) n Eng guest, visitor, stranger Frn hôte, convié, étranger (inconnu)