Credits & Acknowledgements


This dictionary has been a collaborative, community-based effort involving numerous individuals both from Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico, as well as from San Francisco State University in California. Working together in teams, native-speaker experts from Teotitlán del Valle have collaborated with me and my linguistics students from San Francisco State University to produce a tri-lingual dictionary with the purpose of preserving and documenting the dialect of Zapotec spoken in Teotitlán del Valle. I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed in some way to the development of this dictionary so far. No doubt the list will grow as we continue to refine and expand the dictionary.

The project has been fortunate to have the support of many community members who have contributed time and effort into its success. The community members who have contributed to the project include (in alphabetical order) Efrain Gutiérrez Alavez (2006, 2007, 2008), Gaspar Chávez (2005), Viridiana Chávez (2005, 2006), Eugenia Mendoza Garcia (2007, 2008), Fidel Montaño Lorenzo (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008), Aurora Lazo Gonzales (2008), Juana Perez Gonzalez (2008), Serafín Martinez Gonzalez (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011), Rufina Gutiérrez (2007), Rafaela Ruíz Gutiérrez (2010, 2011), Antonio Bautista Lazaro (2008), Samuel Bautista Lazo (2004, 2005), Ofelia Gutierrez Lazo(2010, 2011), Andres Gutiérrez Lazo (2010, 2011), Lorenzo Gutiérrez Lopez (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) , Juan Matias Martinez (2006), Gervasio Sosa Martinez (2008), Mariano Sosa Martinez (2010), Agustina Lazo Mendoza (2007, 2008), Antonio Lazo Mendoza (2005), Celestino Lazo Mendoza (2005) , Maria Gonzalez Ruíz (2007), Raúl Lazaro Ruíz (2004, 2005), Refugio Gonzalez Sosa (2005), Lucia Lazaro Vazquez (2005, 2006).

The project also benefited from the hard work and dedication of many students from San Francisco State University. These individuals are (in alphabetical order): Mariana Abdala (2007), Greg Alger (2005), Joshua Alperin (2006, 2007), Ali Alshehiri (2013), Keiko Beers (2006, 2008), Youness Belfqih (2011), Samuel Berman (2015), Irina Brodskaya (2013), Aaron Caley (2011), Heather Campbell (2010), Melissa Chuang (2010), Clare Corcoran (2008), Denise Diaz (2011, 2013), Donna Fenton (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), Katherine Ferry (2011), Jason Fraser (2005, 2006, 2007), Jean Garascia (2005), Joe Gelman (2010), Kyle Hager (2015), Mariam Silverio Johnson (2013), Noah Katznelson (2010), Charlie Kaupp (2005, 2006), Hayden Kellermeyer (2015), Teneesh Khera (2013), Barbara Knox (2006), Dorothy Koch (2010), Maria Labaca (2013, 2015), Diep Le (2006), Ann Lehr (2006), Herman Leung (2010), Amy Lombardi (2015), Allison Lopez (2011), Dina Maccabee (2013), Corrin McKellips (2013), Jonathon Miller (2013), Tess Mueting (2015), Mai Hien Ha Nguyen (2008), Gary Patterson (2008), Anna Rich (2007), Molly Ruhl (2015), Marina Segatti (2011), Jody Talkington (2007), Jennifer Thaler (2011), Nathan Tucker (2005), Edie Williams (2008), Sandra Wiggen (2008), Kim Witten (2010), Linda Wood (2008).

I would like to also thank Denise Diaz for helping to prepare the Spanish documentation for this project. Her passion and devotion to the project has been invaluable and indispensible. Further, I acknowledge and am grateful to San Francisco State University and the College of Liberal and Creative Arts for their support in the development of this project.

Finally, while I’m eternally grateful for all of those who have contributed to this dictionary, I take full responsibility for any errors in translation, pronunciation, spelling, or general representation to the language.

Troi Carleton